I think that it's not so bad to lack extended focus. It means that, growing up, I got to live in my own world but when I reached that infamous peak where children become people I found that my lack of focus resulted in an overall state of "spacey." I pushed against it and tried to "fix" it. I was perfectly unsuccessful. Fact is, I'm perpetually all over the place, especially in my art. Many professionals of the art world would say that the multiple directions I take my art in is amateur-like and possibly childish. I say, "Thank goodness." I don't think anyone wants to be 100% adult all of the time. If they do I can't help but think they are probably painfully boring. My guess is that if you are reading this, you are anything but boring. So it's nice to have made a connection with you. I believe that art is just that: a connection from person to person. My name is Mallory Robin and I think today will be lovely for the both of us.